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Why Interior Designers?

27 September 2013

A recent client of ours came to us because they had made the mistake of going to a kitchen cabinetry company for their kitchen design. As they said, “… all we were given was a room full of cabinets and no design…”.

When it comes to avoiding costly errors and disappointment in the design and renovation of the most important room in your home – your kitchen, always use the services of a professional kitchen designer.

A professional kitchen designer is able to provide you with:

1. Detailed CAD layout, electrical / mechanical, and elevation drawings that optimizes the functionality of your new kitchen, and ensures a cohesive design style. These drawing also ensure that you know how your new kitchen will look and function, and avoids costly errors by the trades during construction.

2. An integrated lighting plan that includes task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting specific to the new kitchen design.

3. A professionally coordinated finish and fixture selection that prevents you from becoming overwhelmed with selecting and coordinating the many facets of your kitchen including flooring, cabinetry, handle and metal schedule, glass and inserts, countertops, backsplash, paint colours, plumbing and light fixtures, window coverings, fabrics, wallpapers and any other design and finish elements.

4. Appliance selection direction that ensures you select appliances that meets the functional needs and scale requirements of your new kitchen; You do not want to be one of the many people who inadvertently purchase expensive, incorrectly sized appliances.

5. A fixed price contract based on the detailed design and finishes and fixtures selected, thus avoiding the costly surprises associated with cost plus projects.

6. General contracting and professional management to ensure trouble free completion of your project in the construction phase.

Remember, to design and renovate your kitchen right the first time, always hire a professional kitchen designer.

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